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IBM Notes Domino had, by software standards, a great run. Many will say it’s done, it’s over.

We still love IBM Notes Domino and we will continue to offer consultancy services till we retire. We employ 3 Notes and Domino technical specialists and we can help you with any development or administration challenges you have. Please contact us here.

Notes had a great run, but its over


We are specialized in migrations of IBM Notes and Domino applications, Lotus Quickr and Domino.Doc to SharePoint (online).

In the past 5 years we played a central role in the migration of hundreds of Notes applications to SharePoint online for clients like European Patent Office, HP, Heineken, Dainese SPA, Wurth, Air France, Serge Ferrari Group, BASF, Eurovia Management, Stade de France and Gazprom.

As Business Partner of Quest (formerly Dell Software) we are asked by Quest to deliver our Notes application migration expertise at Quest clients and projects.

Please visit our dedicated site about Notes application migrations here.


Network drive support for IBM Connections

With File Jockey your users can work with the files stored in IBM Connections via an ordinary network drive.


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IBM Notes mail Folder Restore tool

Lotus Notes restore folder activities are complex and time consuming. Lialis Folder Restore tool for Notes mail shortens and simplifies restoring deleted folders. Implement the Restore Folders solution and the next time one of your employees delete a folder, you restore the deleted folder with a single mouse click. You can even arrange that your employees can restore folders independently! The free version of this tool allows you to restore folders from a backup mail file copy to the server based mail file. Read more on this page.

Free download for 10 mail files
Notes Folder restore tool


Lotus Notes Domino Form Converter to SharePoint

Lialis has created this straight forwarded tool (Lotus Notes app) to automate the conversion of Notes forms to SharePoint Plumsail Forms Designer and/or Nintex. So the work you have to do in SharePoint is much less than designing the SharePoint form from scratch. Quest NMSP is supported as well. Please continue reading on this page, or download it now.

Free download