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Restore Folders v4.1.1 released

Dear Lialis Restore Folders user, Here is the new version 4.1.1 of the Restore Folders application. The following adjustments were made: Fixes/adjustments have been made on the following issues: With manual import/restore operations, it is now possible to restore private folders and private on first use folders, as long as the User ID that is used for these operations has access to these folders. A fix has been applied to not re-start the Import agent from top, when the agent already started from top during the first run. This is regardless of the 'Start from top after completion' configuration setting. Installation: When you don't have a version of the Restore Folders application installed, installation is easy: sign the database, give yourself and the server where it's running on, Manager access with the [Admin] role. The Default ACL level is Author can create, the documentation (see link below) will explain what's the reason for this. When you already have a version of the Restore Folders application installed, please read and follow the instructions in the Upgrade guide to FRT 4.1. Information: You can find an overview of the Restore Folders application installation and configuration here You can download version 4.1.1 of the Restore Folders application here Enjoy this new release and don't hesitate to contact me in case you have questions! Best regards, Marten Vosmer: marten@lialis.com

Restore Folders v4.1 released

Restore Folders v4.1 released: 04-02-2015 Free download for 10 db   The following adjustments were made: Fixes have been made on the following issues: Folders that are restored would not fill up the restore documents up to the "Maximum ID's per document" configuration limit Error message when manually restoring folders and no configuration document is available New in this version: Configuration options are added to resume import from the point where the import process was interrupted during the last run. Depending on the size of de database set that is to be imported, the number of folders, and the maximum agent execution time set in the server document, the import process may interrupt before all folders are imported into the Restore Folders tool. To let the agent proceed where it left off during the last run, you can enable the option "Resume from interruption point". If you want the agent to start from the top of the database list when process is completed, you also can select the option "Start from top after completion".     Copy folder(s) to a (new) folder of choice in the existing folder tree The manual approach of copying folders from one to another Notes database has been extended with a new interface with some extra features. You can now choose an existing or create a new destination folder where you can restore the folders from the source database(s). Furthermore you can choose to only import the bottom-level subfolder, by clicking the link to exclude the folder tree. A 'Target DB preview' displays what the folder structure in the destination database will look like.                                 [...]

Restore Folders v4.0 released

Restore Folders v4.0 is released and contains some very convenient new features! The most important new feature is that you can give users the possibility to restore folders from their mail file, without interference of an administrator. Just go to Actions -> Restore Folders -> Restore folder(s) The functionality is available for folders in the user's mail file and the user's mail file archive. Similar as for administrators. For administrators the look and feel is improved, but the handlings are the same. Just select a deleted folder and click the 'Restore selected folder(s)' button. Other new functionality important for administrators: Support for Domino server running on Linux OS Give users the possibility to restore folders from their mail files with actions Increase agent import speeds Complete new look and feel Rewrite of all code, optimising and bringing up to standard Improved all processes Test the new Restore Folders solution yourself by downloading the free Restore Folders software, suitable for ten databases. Pricing Volume users Price (€) 1 Free download for 10 db 2 – 2.500 € 500,- 2.500 – 5.000 € 2.500,- 5.000 – 7.500 € 5.000,- 7.500 – 10.000 € 7.500,- > 10.000 € 10.000,-   Including: software maintenance (new releases and support) for the first year, subsequent years: 20% (optional).

Call to helpdesk: Hello, I accidentaly removed a very important folder

As a help desk employee you now think either; Damn, this will be time consuming, or, No worries, I just have to push a button in the Restore Folders application Lialis always try to listen to their customers who receive many support requests every day. When several customers experience similar problems, we develop a solution to help them ease administering the Lotus Domino environment. The Restore Folders solution is an example of this. Usually restoring folders is very time consuming, but with the Restore Folders solution it is as easy as clicking a single mouse button, and if your company has less than 2.500 employees it only cost you €500,- With the free Restore Folders download you can use the solution for ten databases. Free download for 10 db

Export data to sql with the Lialis conversion tool: New approach

After posting the blog article about phasing out your Lotus Domino environment in December 2011, it appeared that this was a very trending topic. Although we are a Lotus minded company, we support companies who want to export lotus notes data to sql with our conversion tool: Convert to SQL. Recently we have updated the conversion tool and we have changed the project approach completely. Much companies prefer to gain information and perform as much activities independently, but if they start a notessql project and want to export data from lotus notes to for example SQL, they lack the skills to perform this complex process. Lialis therefore no longer supplies the customer with the conversion tool software, but we perform the Convert to SQL project for them. They can choose between three project approaches: One time cloud conversion: Upload data to a Lialis FTP server and download the SQL database when finished Phased cloud conversion: Replicate databases to an Amazon EC2 server (containing a Domino server and SQL server). All the data (existing and updates) will be exported to sql in phases, till the entire conversion is ready. Phased on premises conversion: the Convert to SQL conversion tool will be installed on a local area network and the entire notessql project is performed on site. Of course you can still try the conversion tool yourself (free) before deciding if this is the solution for you. Free conversion

Convert Notes/Quickr to SQL with help of Amazon EC2 cloud instances

Converting the content of Notes applications to a SQL database is easy to explain. In the left hand you have a Notes database and in the other hand you have a SQL database, all we do is move the content over. Next you will need a server to run this tool on. When clients want to convert massive amounts of Notes content (100GB or more) the server must be very powerful to be able to do the conversion in a weekend. This is where the problem lies. Because the conversion server hardware with 16 GB ram and 8 CPU's is costly. The Windows and SQL server license for the 8 CPU's is even more costly. So this server must be purchased, configured (consultancy hours) and will be used for one month or so. The licenses cannot be purchased for one month, so this is throwing money away. This year I started using Amazon EC2 cloud servers for this job. I love them, they are great. Here the advantages from my point of view. Pay per hour the server is running. The costs per hour include the complete Windows server, Windows and SQL licenses. An 8 CPU system costs around 2 USD per hour including 2 TB storage and 8 GB RAM. Not start up, stop and terminate costs. Easy to create a backup of the complete system and use this image to create a new server within 30 minutes. I have an image ready with all programs installed and configured. This image is used to create dedicated conversion system for clients within minutes. Adding terabytes of storage on the fly within minutes. Increasing or down scaling the servers' performance within minutes, for example increase from [...]

Convert to SQL: Phase out your Lotus Domino environment

Unfortunately we notice companies to phase out their Lotus Domino environment. The data in their environment is too valuable to be lost and needs to be migrated to their new environment. Lialis guides these companies during the migration, by use of the Convert to SQL solution. The solution can be used to connect database systems that support ODBC, for short term data migrations (text, rich text and attachments). These type of projects are very complex, but with the experience of Lialis and the outstanding functionality of the Convert to SQL solution, each notessql migration project is successfully brought to an end. For companies that needs to meet compliance standards, there is a data integrity analysis available; an audit report (KPMG audit standards are applicable) in which a comparison is made between the begin situation and the end situation. So no surprises after the migration! Free conversion

Lialis released the Restore Folders Tool Lotus Notes mail v3

1 March 2011: Lialis released the Restore Folders Tool Lotus Notes mail v3. With the Folder Restore Tool you can recover deleted mail folders with just a mouse click. Useful for every company with a Lotus Domino mail environment. Try out the software by implementing the software with the free evaluation license key, suitable for ten applications. The software is supplied with a configuration manual, user manual and of course personal support by one of our consultants. If you enjoy the functionality, the amount of database can be extended by purchasing a license key. New in this version: update database access and security: admin role, readers and authors fields update setup database script for pre-v3.0 releases update configuration options change to profile document remove maintenance agent help description in configuration document enable multiple folder restores at once user interface adjustments: new look add/update dialog boxes enable default user UI for restore from scheduled import enable default user UI for manual import from/restore to selected databases Free download for 10 db   For more information, feel free to contact Marten Vosmer.