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File Jockey: Connect third party apps and programs with the files stored in the IBM environment

File Jockey bridges the gap between IBM environments and mobile devices. Users can sync files from the IBM environment for direct use with their mobile device, without the need to use an insecure app like Dropbox. You stay in control of your (confidential) business information.

With File Jockey you will transform the way your organisation uses IT. You will pave the way for huge refinements to business processes. This will be recognized by your peers.

Empower your colleagues to be more efficient.

File Jockey website

File Jockey supports:

  • IBM Connections, IBM SmartCloud, IBM Lotus Quickr and IBM Lotus Domino
  • all apps and programs that support the WebDAV protocol (*) 
  • reading and writing files from the apps to the IBM systems
  • folder write operations.
  • execution on IBM Lotus Domino server (R8 and R9) and on any J2EE server like Apache Tomcat and IBM WebSphere.
  • installed on-premises or can be used via Lialis Cloud servers.                                                                               

File Jockey strengths:

  • Freedom of app choice; choose the app or program most suitable for the task at hand (*)
  • Alternative for insecure apps like Dropbox; create an alternative to cloud based file sharing solutions and resolve any potential privacy concerns
  • Paperless offices; use an app to take notes, share them directly with File Jockey
  • Mobile app development; fully support for the WebDAV protocol and therefore File Jockey has a wide range of possible implementations
  • Not only apps; WebDAV is a standard, so not only apps on Apple and Android devices are supported, printers and fax machines support WebDAV as wel




(*) Notability, Goodreader, Pages/KeyNote/Numbers, DocAs, ReaddleDocs, Forklift (Mac), Foldersync (Android), Bitkinex (Windows), PDF Expert, WebDAV Nav, iAnnotate PDF, OverTheAir, …