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IBM Lotus Notes Domino app migration to Microsoft SharePoint

Right now, many organisations are facing the daunting technical challenge of moving from IBM Lotus Notes/Domino to Microsoft SharePoint.

The Lialis team consists of our highly qualified and experienced technical specialists and consultants who have devised and/or implemented Lotus Notes migration paths for organisations both small and large.

We know the answers to all the many questions you may have precisely because of our experience gained in similar projects to yours. Questions like:

  • Lotus Notes Migration to SharePointHow do I transition my organisation from Lotus Notes/Domino to Microsoft?
  • Should we start with the mail migration or do the Lotus Notes application migration first?
  • Which tools should we use?
  • What is the business case for projects like this?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What kind of people do I need in my project team?
  • What are their roles?
  • How much time will the project take?
  • How will the two environments coexist?

Let’s have a look at some details.

The migration of Lotus Notes email to Outlook is not very challenging with the tools currently available on the market. It will take some time to configure the tools but, in most cases, when the setup is complete and tested the mail migration process will be relatively straightforward with few problems. Lialis is very experienced in mail migrations like this and we are happy to advice and assist you in the way you need.

However, migrating Lotus Notes/Domino applications away from Domino is much more complex and technically demanding than the mail migration and many companies are struggling with this.

Microsoft SharePoint has its benefits of course, but not all your Lotus Notes/Domino applications can be simply migrated to Microsoft SharePoint because they are too complex to be rebuilt in that environment.

Let me explain how to make projects like this a success

First of all it is necessary to take a close look at each Lotus Notes/Domino application on your servers. It is critical to create a Notes app register where you can maintain the Notes app info gained during this inventory phase. Identify the Notes apps to be migrated to which platform (SharePoint, SAP, Intranet or off the shelf). You will also find that many Notes apps are not used anymore and can simply be archived. Other Notes apps can be grouped together because their functions are essentially the same.

At the end of the inventory phase you will have an organised list of all your Notes apps, both used and unused; their complexity; a short description; the required destination (SharePoint, SAP et cetera) and other details. In our experience many of the current Notes apps can simply be archived and only a few will be too complex to migrate to Microsoft SharePoint.

In most cases this will bring the project business case to the surface; do I need to maintain Lotus Domino as development platform for only a few complex Domino apps?

Next it is time to start the Lotus Notes Domino app to SharePoint migration proof of concept phase; for this phase you will need a team of developers plus the necessary tools and servers.

At Lialis we are specialists in the Dell Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint tooling. We also use a proprietary in house tool; Lotus Notes Domino Form Converter to SharePoint Forms Designer and/or Nintex.

So what can these tools do for me? How much of the Lotus Notes applications can be migrated to SharePoint?, you will ask yourself. The reality is this depends on the specific Lotus Notes application. In some cases tools like this can migrate 100% of the Lotus Notes Domino apps to Microsoft SharePoint apps whilst in other cases the tools can only migrate as little as 10% of the Lotus Notes Domino Notes app to Microsoft SharePoint.

So how does this work? Quest NMSP can migrate the Notes app security, content and views to Microsoft SharePoint. Using the custom Lialis Lotus Notes Domino Form Converter to SharePoint Forms Designer and/or Nintex tool we can migrate the Lotus Notes forms to Microsoft SharePoint.

At this point in the Lotus Notes Domino migration app process you will have a comprehensive Microsoft SharePoint list/site complete with all the Notes app content, security, views and forms. In some cases a Notes app is nothing more but in many cases a Notes app has additional functionality such as workflow, lookup fields, reports, exports and so on. Design features like these must be recreated in Microsoft SharePoint by developers. The Lotus Notes Domino developer explains how the Lotus Notes functionality works and the Microsoft SharePoint developer builds this in Microsoft SharePoint. This is manual labour for which no tools are available.

When all this work is successfully done the test and production phase is then implemented.

Lotus Notes Domino app Migration Service

Lialis consultants, Microsoft SharePoint & Lotus Notes/Domino developers are available to assist you with these complex migrations and we bring a shipload of experience with us that will save your enterprise time and money, ultimately making challenging projects like this a success for your business.

To learn more about how Lialis can take the pain out of the Lotus Notes Domino app migration process, please use the Lialis Migration Service contact form and we will get back to you quickly.

Migrating Notes to SharePoint Workshop

This Lialis “insider secrets” workshop will kick start the migration of your enterprise’s Lotus Notes and Domino applications to Microsoft SharePoint. Please visit this page for more details.

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