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Restore deleted folders with just a single mouse click

Lotus Notes restore folder activities are complex and time consuming. Restore folders shortens and simplifies restoring deleted folders from Lotus Notes mail files.

Implement the Restore Folders solution and the next time one of your employees delete a folder, you restore the deleted folder with a single mouse click. You can even arrange that your employees can restore folders independently!

Even when you are facing the problem at this moment, implement the Restore Folders solution and save yourself a lot of effort. You only have to recover the deleted folder from a backup database and your user can copy his or her folders locally to the new database.

And the next time? You only have to push the folder restore button.


  • Restore deleted folders in Lotus Notes mail files by just clicking one button, by you or by the user independently
  • Simple identification of deleted folders
  • Documents are attached again automatically to the restored folders
  • Upload folders from a (local) mail file and restore folders to a (server based) mail file
  • Full Lotus Notes solution, suitable for R7 and R8
  • Support for Domino server running on Linux OS
  • Outstanding personal support
  • Pricing starts at €500,- (companies below 2.500 employees)

How to recover a deleted folder

Simple: implement the Restore Folders solution on your Domino server. The Restore Folders application will register each mail folder on the Lotus Domino server and remembers the location of each document in the folders (based on the Document ID). When a folder is deleted, this change is identified by the Restore Folders application.

Restore Folders in mail file by administrator

You can arrange that your employees can restore the deleted folder independently: Actions -> Restore Folders -> Restore Folder(s), or you can restore the deleted folder in the Restore Folders application by pushing the Restore selected folder(s) button.

Recover mail file folder with a single mouse click

Documents, which were available in the folder, are restored to the correct location automatically. The solutions function’s for mail files and for the associated archive mail files.

Demo movie

Restore Folders installation movie.

Restore Folders User guide movie.


More information about the installation and configuration is presented on the Restore Folders installation and configuration page.


Volume users Price (€)
Free trial
Free download for 10 databases
1 – 2.500 € 500,-
2.500 – 5.000 € 2.500,-
5.000 – 7.500 € 5.000,-
7.500 – 10.000 € 7.500,-
> 10.000 € 10.000,-

Including: software maintenance (new releases and support) for the first year, subsequent years: 20% (optional).