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09-11-2007 Folder Restore Tool – Configuration document v1.0
26-05-2009 Folder Restore Application – v2.0
26-06-2009 Folder Restore Application – v2.1solve array overflow issues
12-07-2009 Folder Restore Application – v2.2update import options pop-up on configuration document

add exclusion field to configuration document

06-09-2009 Folder Restore Application – v2.3update getIDIterator function in script library WinFolderAPI
11-10-2009 Folder Restore Application – v2.4add license script

update code for better efficiency

fix date issue in merge agent

22-04-2010 Folder Restore Application – v2.5using this tool without license key is no longer possible. When a license key is not installed, a pop-up box will direct you to the license registration site, where you can register for a demonstration (free up to 10 databases) or a production (purchased) version.

add database script to update document statuses for all existing documents. This is done only when an older release Folder Restore application is opened for the first time after the design has been updated to v2.5. This update fixes some major status issues in the Import and Merge agent process

fix database open (and document status) issues in the Import agent in option ‘Selected Databases’

fix Merge agent by adding an extra (database) status field, a deletedate field, and update of view selection criteria

update configuration document to keep the selected applications in memory when switching to a different import option

add restore action buttons to the ‘Active Folder Documents’ view, so you can restore from the main view and you can restore folders that are not deleted as well.

12-07-2010 Folder Restore Application – v2.6Major bug fixes regarding restore operations

Removed option to update database before restoring, this part of the code only works when initiated by the server and will set all documents to status ‘deleted’ when done manually

18-07-2010 Folder Restore Application – v2.7add option to copy a folder from any database to a Folder Restore application-registered Notes database

monthly scheduled agent to remove obsolete (deleted) document ID’s from the folder documents

solved limitation issue of max 32K per folder, warnings about this issue removed as well


30-09-2010 Folder Restore Application – v2.8solved issue of folders set to ‘Deleted’ when a database is in use by the compact task

updated configuration with new options: ‘Directories to exclude’, ‘(De)select all’ option in pop-ups, Agent status display

updated code in the import agent, including extra logging when a database is skipped

28-02-2011 Folder Restore Application – v3.0update database access and security: admin role, readers and authors fields

update setup database script for pre-v3.0 releases

update configuration options

change to profile document

remove maintenance and merge agent

help description in configuration document

enable multiple folder restores at once

user interface adjustments:

new look

add/update dialog boxes

enable default user UI for manual import from/restore to selected databases

enable default user UI for restore from scheduled import

bug fixes

25-06-2011 Folder Restore Application – v3.0amanual import/restore is now available without license

solved issue when restoring to a hierarchical view (response documents)

small UI fixes that caused issues with large numbers of folders

12-03-2012 Folder Restore Application – v3.0cfix restore issue when document in a folder has been removed from the database

fix import agent error when running on a Domino 64 bit server

16-08-2012 Folder Restore Application – v3.1add Instant Restore option, which enables users to (re)store folders from within their own mail file

update license code to v1.2 – enables enterprise license

update outline and view actions

reverse agent logging

fix manual restore issue when storing folder into the same database (multiple copies of same document)

fix manual restore issue when copying folders from a database outside the notes directory (no folder restored)

22-10-2012 Folder Restore Application – v4.0add feature to allow users to restore folders from the users mail file interface

complete new look and feel like Lialis WebDAV solution

complete new rewrite of all code

speed up initial folder import