Upgrade to v4.1 2016-03-17T15:13:25+00:00

Upgrading from Restore Folders version 4.0.x to 4.1 is simple.

Download the latest Lialis Folder Restore version.

  • Rename RFolders.nsf to RFolders.ntf
  • In the Database Design tab, check the “Database file is a master template” checkbox, and enter a template name


  • Replace the design of your current Lialis Restore Folders application on your server, with the design of the RFolders.ntf template on your computer. Please note that this means that the Import agent in the Restore Folders application will be disabled.
  • Open the Domino Administrator and sign the Restore Folders application with an appropriate ID (e.g. Domino server ID).
  • Open the Lialis Folder Restore application, go to configuration and press the red button to re-activate the agents. Make sure that the ID you are currently working on is allowed to open all databases that are included in the Restore Folders configuration.

If you upgrade from version 3*, a replace design approach is not advisable. The best approach is to create a new Restore Folder application besides the previous version (with a different file name). Follow the Restore Folders Installation and Configuration guide on how to configure Restore Folders 4.1. In addition you need a new licence key. If you have purchased the Restore Folders application, we will send you the new licence key by email.