Ricoh Canada Inc
It is a time saver! especially for users with “nested” folders.
Elena Melnikova, Notes/Domino Administrator Messaging and Collaboration, Ricoh Canada Inc.

Unitiv Ike Aig
A must have tool! : Definitely a tool to have in your arsenal as a Lotus Notes Developer/Administrator. One less thing to worry about in my environment where the average user mail inbox comprises a structure of nested folders with dozens of documents within. Now I don’t have to worry about restoring databases from a backup or an end user having to recreate an entire document folder structure from memory. 
I. Aig, Unitiv's Intelligent Help Desk
Torben Boom Chemetall
We do expect the restore folder tool to save us a lot of effort while restoring deleted folders in the user’s mailfile. Additionally we expect the ability to restore folders quickly will improve our user’s satisfaction as well. 
T. Boom, Chemetall GmbH, Germany


After losing all my project folders in Lotus Notes, which was about 3 years worth of folders & emails the only solution my IT department had for me was to supply me with a backup database to retrieve my folders from. As I later found out this was not going to be an easy task because Lotus Notes will not let you copy folder structures from one database to another, only the emails can be copied from one database to another. My IT department’s solution for this was for me to manually recreate each missing folder in my current mail database then copy the emails from the backup database to each new folder I created in my current mail database. This would have been an over whelming task and probably would have taken me another 3 years to complete this task LOL because I was missing approximately 1,200 folders and about 950 emails. But thanks to the Folder Restore Tool by Lialis I was able to copy the folders locally from my backup database to my current database and it only

took approximately 30 minutes to restore this large amount of data. Lialis technical support was second to none, They understood how important this information was to me and they definitely stood behind their product
and helped me without any hesitation every step of the way to ensure that I was able to restore all my folders & associated emails to my current email database.

I would highly Recommend Lialis and their full line of solutions to anyone. 

Jeff Hollis, Project Integration Program Manager, Omron STI Machine Services

I was able to use the Restore Folder tool to solve a “business critical” folder restore, saving hours/days of work. This tool would be useful to anyone in a Notes/Domino support role, highly recommended.
J. Walsh
Although I downloaded the free copy, I wanted to send you my thanks. I was able to restore hundreds of folders which I had accidentally deleted in 10 minutes
Dan from Canada, a 20 year Lotus Notes user
Peter Smith_IONET
Lialis has been fantastic to deal with as a Business Partner of ours over the past few years. I can fully recommend Lialis as a great organization to do business with.
Peter Smith, Owner and Manager, IONET Software
We often have the problem that user delete folders in Lotus Notes. With this tool it is very easy to restore folders with al lot of included subfolders
Senior Analyst, organisation in the Plastic industry


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