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Lialis develops solutions with an added value for each organization with a Domino environment, on-premises; IBM Lotus Domino, IBM Lotus Quickr, IBM Connections, IBM Websphere, or in the Cloud: IBM Connections Cloud (or the IBM Connections test environment: IBM Greenhouse) and as Microsoft Partner we perform complex IBM Lotus Notes/Domino apps to Microsoft SharePoint migrations and supply our customers with a convenient free Notes Domino form Converter to SharePoint Forms Designer tool.

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Right now, many organizations are facing the daunting technical challenge of moving from IBM Lotus Notes/Domino apps to Microsoft SharePoint.

Lotus Notes MigrationThe Lialis team consists of our highly qualified and experienced technical specialists and consultants who have devised and/or implemented Lotus Notes Domino migration paths for organisations both small and large. Together with Microsoft SharePoint & Lotus Notes/Domino developers we are available to assist you with these complex migrations. The shipload of experience we bring with us will save your enterprise time and money and ultimately making challenging projects like this a success for your business.

To learn more about how Lialis visit the Lotus Notes Domino app to Microsoft SharePoint Migration page or contact Lialis directly.

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Domino form converter to SharePointMoving from IBM Lotus Notes/Domino apps to Microsoft SharePoint is a technical challenge. Make your Lotus Notes Domino migration less time consuming, less complex and less expensive with our Lotus Notes Domino form Converter to SharePoint Forms Designer. This tool will automate the conversion of Notes forms to the XFDS format of SharePoint Forms Designer.

The tool software is free of charge, but when not all your forms can be converted we will supply you with an offer to fix this.

Learn more about the Lotus Notes Domino form Converter to SharePoint Forms Designer or download the free software directly.

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Restore FoldersUsers will no longer call you in panic after deleting a folder in their mail file. With the Restore Folders solution you can give your user’s the possibility to restore deleted folders independently: Actions -> Restore Folders -> Restore deleted folder(s), or you open the solution, select the folder and click the restore button. Just a single mouse click and your user problem is solved.

If you don’t have implemented the Restore Folders solution the restore process can be complex and time consuming. Shorten and simplify this process by implementing the solution. You then only have to recover the removed folder from a backup database and your user can copy the folder locally to the new database. And the next time a user calls, you only have to click the restore button.

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Convert to SQLThe decision is made; your Lotus Domino environment will be phased out and to keep access to important business information the Lotus Domino data needs to be migrated to for example SQL. Lialis has the software (Convert Notes to SQL), experience, expertise and the personal touch to guide your organization through this complex project.

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File Jockey delivers real off line sync capabilities for the files stores in IBM environments; Connections, Quickr, Domino, Websphere, Greenhouse and SmartCloud, to mobile devices via top business apps like Notability, Goodreader, Pages, Forklift (Mac), Foldersync (Android), Bitkinex (Windows), … enabling people to access or modify files from their iPad, iPhone and Android devices from anywhere, easy and secure. This makes compliance, collaboration, paperless meetings, work independent time, location and device possible or even integration with other apps.

Also IBM recognized the added value of our solution and cooperated with us to provide File Jockey to IBM Greenhouse users (completely free) and for IBM SmartCloud environments. File Jockey is presented on the IBM Social Business website as an ‘Integrated Application and Service’ for IBM SmartCloud/Connections environments. Of course we are very proud of IBM’s recognition and their spirit to broadcast the solution as an added value to IBM environments.

Visit the special File Jockey website for solution information, supported features per IBM environment, free software downloads, demo movies and user reviews.

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